A feedback System that Works just fine

It is not enough to have a MoreVisas feedback system, it is even more important to have a feedback system that works. This is what Morevisas feedback is all about as we have continued to improve on not only our service but the different platform our customers can reach us and drop feedbacks for us.

Some of the characteristics of the Morevisas feedback system that has helped us use the feedbacks we get from our clients are briefly discussed below.


The goal of having a system is to get a response based on services delivered. It should also be a platform where service providers are able to learn from feedbacks given by customers that have been served in the past. Organizations also need to take this into consideration when designing their feedback platform to include areas where customers can state the cause of their negative or positive feedback as the case may be.

Morevisas Feedback SystemTransparent and tangible

A good feedback system should be tangible and even more importantly, transparent. The customer given the feedback should be able to state tangibly what the case is. Transparency is also an important characteristic of an effective MoreVisas feedback system. It is not uncommon for organizations to get intangible feedbacks or those that are not as transparent as they should be. The reasons for this are numerous and while some of the blame lies with the customer, the firm rendering the service also has some blame to carry.

Actionable Information

As mentioned earlier, information given in a feedback report should be one that provokes action from the organization. Actionable information is one that allows the organization trace the occurrence of the incidence and also gives them an opportunity to improve on the complaints especially if it is a negative feedback.


It is always best to get feedback as regularly and frequently as possible to enable the organization to carry out improvements as and when due. This also ensures that the organization is up to date with the latest happenings in the industry.


User-friendliness should be in two ways. The first part has to do with creating a user-friendly platform for the customer to pour out their minds. The other aspect has to do with the kind of feedback given by the customer. This is important as it is only a user-friendly feedback that can help the organization improve on their strides.

Consistency and an ongoing feedback system complete the features of an effective feedback system like what is obtainable with Morevisas feedback.

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